Network Events

Panel at 2017 Workshop

The VTAS Promoting Excellence Network holds regular events for those interested in sharing their knowledge about good teaching practice, innovation in the teaching and learning space and fostering engagement with like-minded colleagues.

The following table details the events the VTAS Network has held.

2017 Evaluating your teaching practice – Applying for a Citation or Teaching Award
Monash University Law Chambers

(See Event Gallery, Main Concerns)

7 Aug Attendance: 60
2016 Promoting Excellence Network – Office for Learning and Teaching Pre-conference Workshops
Workshop 1: Impact of IMPEL framework  
Langham Hotel, Southbank, Melbourne 28 Apr Attendance: 71
Workshop 2: Shaking up Higher Education: Learnings from National Award Winners  
Langham Hotel, Southbank, Melbourne 28 Apr Attendance: 64
2015 ISSoTL
RMIT University 27-30 Oct Attendance: est. 650
Promoting Excellence Network Meetings
2014 Promoting Excellence in Partnership: Reflect, Review and Resolution
University of Tasmania 11-12 Dec Attendance: 23
Failure as a Pathway to Success
Deakin University 24-Jun Attendance: est. 88
Creative Forms of Teaching Evidence
Victoria University 6-Nov Attendance: est.106
2013 Learning Futures Workshop: Explore the Future of Learning
RMIT University 13-Nov Attendance:115
Recognising and Promoting Staff Expertise in Teaching and Learning  
Monash University 27 Jun Attendance: 35
OLT Grants Workshop: How to Write a Successful Application
Swinburne University of Technology 5-Jun Attendance:65
Professional Development: Grant Writing and Design
Monash University 12-Feb Attendance: 27
2012 Networking to Succeed
La Trobe University 29-Oct Attendance: 78
Supporting Project Teams to Make a Difference
Monash University 8-Feb Attendance: 40

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