OLT Fellowships 2013

Information and application instructions for OLT Fellowships now available. Fellowships are available under two categories. 

National Senior Teaching Fellowships

National Senior Teaching Fellowships are awarded to outstanding scholars who are respected leaders in learning and teaching in higher education. National Senior Teaching Fellows undertake a significant program of fellowship activities, contribute to various OLT events and develop national and international networks appropriate to the Fellowship activities.

National Senior Teaching Fellows are expected to establish a collaborative team of internationally recognised scholars and to lead an extended seminar as part of their Fellowship program.

National Senior Teaching Fellows will normally be expected to be released from all or most academic activities for one year.

  • Up to 4 National Senior Teaching Fellowships are available in 2013.
  • Maximum funding available for each National Senior Teaching Fellowship is $250,000.

National Teaching Fellowships

National Teaching Fellows are prominent scholars in their disciplinary fields, recognised by their home institutions for their capacity to make significant contributions to educational leadership into the future.  They are normally early or mid-career academics engaged in the scholarly practice of learning and teaching in higher education.  National Teaching Fellows undertake a short program of activities over the course of three to six months, addressing an identified learning and teaching issue within their institution or discipline, with the goal of enhancing disciplinary or inter-disciplinary teaching and learning within their institution, and beyond. National Teaching Fellowships were previously known as Mid-Career Fellowships.

  • Up to 6 National Teaching Fellowships are available.
  • Maximum total funding available for each National Teaching Fellowship is $90,000.
  • National Teaching Fellows will be expected to commence their Fellowship between 1 July and 31 December 2013.

For more application instructions and nomination forms see the OLT website



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