Science Workshop Invitation – Student-created digital science explanations

This is an invitation to science academics and science teacher education academics to attend a one-day workshop as part of an OLT National Senior Fellowship, Digital Explanations: Learning and Communicating Science with Student-created Digital Media (see Garry’s OLTFlyer for details) to provide new ways for students to engage with science content by making different forms of digital media to explain it.

Place: Monash University, Clayton Campus (room to be advised)
Date: Thursday 28th November, 2013 from 9.00am- 3.30pm
Facilitator: Assoc/Prof Garry Hoban, 2013 National Senior Teaching Fellow

Attending academics will:

  • share new ideas for assessment tasks that engage students in learning and communicating science;
  • experience making five different forms of digital media (podcast, digital story, slowmation, video and blended media, which is a combination) that they can get students to make in assignments using their own computers and free movie making software (iMovie for Mac, Windows Movie Maker for PC);
  • be provided with example assessment tasks and marking rubrics for each media form;
  • acquire new ways to address new standards Science Threshold Learning Outcome “Communication” and AITSAL Standards 2.1 and 2.6 (ICT);
  • learn about a theoretical framework to underpin research and grant  applications for student-created media and meet colleagues for collaborative research.

There is no cost for the workshop. For participants from regional universities, there is a limited offer of reimbursement of accommodation or travel up to $200 per person.

Please indicate your interest in this workshop by emailing the fellowship manager, Julie Clark at  by Thursday 24.10.2013. Because of the hands-on nature of the workshop spaces are limited. Further details to follow upon application.



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