OLT Workshop on Using Student Created Digital Media

This is an invitation to Science, Applied Science and Science Education academic teaching staff to attend a one-day workshop as part of an OLT National Senior Fellowship, Digital Explanations: Engaging Students in Learning, and Communicating Science with Student-Created Digital Media (see flyer for details) to provide new ways for students to engage with content by making different forms of digital media to explain it.

Function: OLT One day workshop- Student created digital-explanations
Date: Thursday, 10th April 2014
Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Location: Conference Room, Melbourne City Centre, Deakin University
Facilitator: Assoc/Prof Garry Hoban, 2013 National Senior Teaching Fellow

Attending academics will:
• view examples and experience making five different forms of digital media (podcast, digital story, Slowmation, video and blended media, which is a combination) that they can get students to make in assignments using their own computers and free movie making software (iMovie for Mac, Windows Movie Maker for PC),
• share new ideas for assignments that engage students in learning and communicating,
• be provided with example assignments and marking rubrics for each media form,
• learn about a theoretical framework to underpin research and grant applications for student-created media and meet colleagues for collaborative research.

There is no cost for the workshop. Morning tea and lunch will be provided.
Please indicate your interest in this workshop by emailing the fellowship manager, Julie Clark at  julclark@uow.edu.au  .  Because of the hands-on nature of the workshop, spaces are limited so please reply ASAP to secure a place. Further details will follow upon application.
Any enquiries about the workshop should also be directed to Julie at        julclark@uow.edu.au

Garry's OLTFlyer

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