Workshop | 24 June | Failure as a Pathway to Success

VTAS Promoting Excellence Network

Deakin_Worldly_Logo_Keyline[p]FAILURE AS A PATHWAY TO SUCCESS
Transforming failed grant applications into successes

A workshop hosted by Deakin University

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to hear from highly qualified professionals in their field about their experiences of taking failure and transforming it into something positive.

9.00-9.30       Registration

9.30-10.00     Keynote: Monica Curro, Assistant Principal 2nd Violin, Melbourne Symphony                             Orchestra: What can auditions teach us? Learning from failure
10.00-10.30   Keynote: Sally Kift, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic, James Cook                                             University: Transforming a failed grant application into success
10.30-11.00   Morning tea

11.00-12.00   Round table session 1: Dummy failed grant application
12.00-1.00     Round table session 2: Real failed grant application

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