Invitation to Participate in a National Summit on Distributed Leadership:

Benchmarking Distributed Leadership to Demonstrate Impact

Dear Colleague

You were recently invited to register or nominate a delegate to a National Summit on DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP which will be held on Monday 1 December at RMIT University.

Based on requests from colleagues to explore the potential for the Benchmarks for Distributed Leadership to demonstrate IMPACT, particularly given the new Impact focus of OLT projects, we have added this focus to the National Summit.

The National Summit is supported by the OLT and the L.H Martin Institute with registration funded by the OLT.

Your active participation is encouraged through the opportunity to present a case study using the online Distributed Leadership Benchmark tool we have designed. To access the online Distributed Leadership Benchmark tool click on the link below.

To take advantage of the opportunity to present a case study at the National Summit please provide your email address at the end of your entries before you click Submit.

Selected case studies will be invited to submit a full refereed article for a Special Issue publication on the implementation and impact of distributed leadership in Higher Education.

To register for the Summit please complete the online Registration form at

Please find attached a POSTER which we ask you to display across your universities.National summit poster v2-1

Registration closes Friday 14th November.

If you would like any further information on distributed leadership, please go to contact me by email ( or by telephone (+61 2 9925 5961).

Professor Sandra Jones,  Project Leader on behalf of the Distributed Leadership Project Team

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