OLT – National Senior Teaching Fellowship Activity – “Having the Hard Conversations”


Good practice in working with resistance to Indigenous health and cultural safety

Date: Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd April, 2015

Venue: Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex, Flinders University,
Adelaide, SA, Australia

Format: Day One – Public Symposium
Day Two – Invited Roundtable

This two-day event is presented by the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being, Adelaide(Flinders University) and its collaborators in the 2014-15 National Senior Teaching Fellowship, Having the Hard Conversations: Strengthening pedagogical effectiveness by working with student and institutional resistance to Indigenous health curriculum.

The Symposium (Day One) is open to all. A number of leading scholars in this area, some bringing a specifically-Australian focus and some an international one, will present and analyse models for better comprehending the spectrum of educational-setting responses to Indigenous health and cultural safety curriculum. Peak national Indigenous health professional organisations will also be represented. Fellowship collaborators will present a draft Good Practice Framework for enhancing student and institutional engagement with Indigenous health and cultural safety, in the service of creating more-effective practitioners. Panel sessions will particularly focus on strategies for recognising, engaging and working through resistance, whether student/professional development resistance to curriculum or resistance within university faculties, hospitals and other institutional settings. Some key questions that the Symposium will address will be:

• How do we turn disengagement into continuing engagement with Aboriginal health /
cultural safety training?
• What would diminish resistance / make the conversation easier?
• What would it take to turn organisations, services or systems into culturally-safe ones?

Day Two is an invited Roundtable, designed for scholars, educators, health professional organisations, administrators, health and human services practitioners, public servants, NGOs and Indigenous community and health organisation representatives. This will be a facilitated Roundtable, whose sessions address the issues raised in Day One, refine the draft Good Practice Framework, and review and strengthen, as necessary, a suite of planned dissemination activities to advance uptake of the issues and strategies canvassed around resistance and engagement.

Further information on registration, presenters and programme will be available early in the new year. Please address any inquiries to Ms Di Autio, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-being, Adelaide: Ph. +61 (0)8 7221 8599; E-mail . My apologies for any double-postings.

Best wishes,


Prof. Dennis McDermott
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being / Faculty of Health Sciences / Flinders University / Ph. +61 (0)8 7221 8604 / E-mail dennis.mcdermott@flinders.edu.au
National Senior Teaching Fellow (2014-15), Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)
W: http://mtu.flinders.edu.au/events/Ngara…DeepListening…SeeingTwoWays.cfm
W: https://www.youtube.com/user/LIMENetworkProgram/playlists

Executive Assistant: Ms Di Autio, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-being, Adelaide: Ph. +61 (0)8 7221 8599; E-mail .

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